doesn’t equate to social isolation.


1. Social distancing doesn’t equate to social isolation.

While the virus continues to plague people worldwide, social distancing is a necessity for yourself and others. But this doesn’t mean social isolation is necessary— in fact, the evidence speaks to the contrary.

Humans need, and thrive off of, social engagement. You can connect with your friends and family by calling them, using FaceTime, or meeting in Zoom for face-to-face group chats. You are literally one click away from bettering your mental wellbeing.

2. Save money on your prescriptions.

Millions of people in the US were laid off; businesses are shut down and some closed their doors for good. Fearing financial instability can cause anxiety and depression. In fact, people with no previous diagnosis of mental illness are now experiencing dire mental health issues. Taking your prescribed psychiatric, and regular, medications are more critical now than ever.


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